Safe, Happy and Secure


We provide a balanced and nutritious diet for all of our children. Our healthy, varied and multicultural menu also caters for children with special dietary requirements.

Meals are prepared on site by our qualified cook.  We use fresh ingredients to create our meals and vary dishes according to the seasons.


Meal times foster social relationships as children and staff enjoy their food together. They develop table manners and extend language and communication skills as they interact with each other and the staff.


Children learn about being healthy and keeping fit through various activities.  We have visits from the dentist who talks to the children about the effects of excessive sugary foods on our teeth.  A doctor and / or nurse visit the children to talk about the benefits of exercise and the effects that food has on our bodies. 


We promote healthy living through exercise, music, movement and dance sessions.  Children use the outdoor area on a daily basis to enable them to get fresh air and exercise.  Covered play areas have been installed to ensure children can take full advantage of the outdoor space in all weathers.


We often visit the local area.  Trips to the park, post office, grocery shop and library encourage exercise and reinforce learning for the children.


It is vital that you as a parent feel confident and at ease leaving your children in our care.

We have implemented safety measures that meet all guidelines be by government health and safety regulations, including security cameras which monitor the areas in and around the nursery at all times.

A password system to ensure child collection is safe and regulated. We also operate an effective entry door system to prevent unauthorised access.


We have a robust recruitment procedure to ensure that staff looking after our little ones are suitable.  All staff have a cleared CRB.


Staff are trained to safeguard and protect our children from harm.