About Us




Our Nursery offers a number of different rooms, all brightly coloured, cheerful and have a large selection of equipment.  Each room has been designed and equipped with its own specific activity, where children can develop skills associated with that room.

Importantly all our rooms offer space, comfort and safety. They are set out to encourage full use of all skills in a bright, friendly and caring environment, making full use of a wide selection of toys.


Baby and Toddler Unit


Our baby and toddler unit is situated on the first floor and is exclusively dedicated to the quality care of babies from three months up to three years. The unit has its own kitchen, nappy changing room, toilet and a sleep room. We have the special expertise, experience and resources to ensure the very highest quality of nurturing for our little ones.

Importantly all rooms offer space, comfort and safety in a loving, caring and homely environment.

Our babies and toddlers occupy different rooms according to age and stage of development.


Buttercups and Daisies unit

The Buttercups area is designated for babies until they are walking and steady on their feet. There are play and rest mini-areas set-up for the children. We ensure that all children have the opportunity to access all 7 areas of the EYFS particularly concentrating on the 3 prime areas.  For example Personal, Social and Emotional development; activities such as treasure basket play with their key carers will build on relationships, attachment and self- confidence. To promote Physical development your child might join in with music and movement, sensory play and outdoor play on a daily basis.  1:1 story and singing time will support communication and language.  We understand the importance of flexibility with our little ones; hence we adapt and tailor our activities to meet the ever-changing needs of each child.

There is also a separate sleep room with cots

We will follow your babies’ home routine to start with as consistency is the key to a smooth settling in.  Your key person will support you and your baby throughout your time in the Buttercups.  Your child will move into the Daisies area once s/he is steady on their feet and ready for the next step.

The Daisies area is for children who are steady on their feet until they are approximately 2 years. The children on this area are encouraged to follow more of a shared routine with the same meal, snack and sleep time.

There are different play areas including art and craft table, a soft play area for more active play and a home corner where the little ones start role playing, imitating what they see adults do on a daily basis routine i.e. feeding babies, changing nappies, sleep time or cooking the lunch or dinner.

Our Buttercups and Daisies areas are connected by a partition with a gate which may be open for the two areas to be brought together for activities




This unit is slightly more structured then the baby room, as the children are ready for a new stage in their development. We promote all 7 areas of the EYFS.  Activities such as role play, messy play, creativity, music and dance, story and singing time, sensory play, early literacy and mathematics skills and daily outdoor play. The children are given the freedom to explore the variety of activities with the support of the staff team to enhance their learning, development and progression..




We have a large and spacious base room, which is designed to inspire and stimulate our 2 1/2 years to 3 1/2 year olds. The children also have free flow access to the outdoor area daily.  We have a sensory room and discovery room which is designed for small groups of children to take part in focused activities throughout the day.  All 7 areas of the EYFS are planned for allowing a variety of adult lead activities and also giving the children the freedom to initiate their own play.  Activities such as construction, role play, creative play, early literacy activities such as drawing and painting.  Developing sorting and matching skills promote mathematics skills.  Circle time encourage communication and self confidence



The Sunflower / preschool class is specifically intended for 3 1/2 - 5 year olds. Daily activities are carefully planned and integrate all 7 areas of the EYFS; the children also have free flow access to the outdoor area.  The sensory room and the discovery room are also used for focused activities such as tasting activities and various games, the discovery room for ICT or investigation.

Children are supported in building independence skills and decision making to prepare them for school.  Children become confident speakers and their individual characters are nurtured.  

We have close links with the schools in the area; state, faith and private and we work closely with them whilst preparing the children for a smooth transition from nursery to ‘big school’


Outdoor play

Our large outdoor area also facilitates all 7 areas of the EYFS. Group games and music and movement take place in the garden as well as focused activities.  We view the outdoor area as an outdoor classroom.  All children have access to the garden throughout the day and can play safely all year round. Soft play surfaces minimise the risk of injury and the garden is securely fenced all around to maintain the highest level of safety.


Sensory Room

All of our children have access to this facility to promote relaxed, inspiring and magical experiences that stimulate each of the children's five senses. Cheerful melodies encourage and stimulate listening, textured surfaces facilitate tactile exploration and flashing lights and contrasting colours enchant visual interest. 


Discovery unit

The ideal room for exploration and investigation designing and creating. Here, children learn basic computer skills to navigate learning while also developing their concentration, motor co ordination and recognition skills as they handle historical and scientific objects and tools.